Our Mission

To provide a large range of polymer to meet customers demand in quality , price and volume.

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Customer Satisfaction

We are flexible in the aspect of product proposal and ensure that we always have the capacity to always meet our customers needs at any time.

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Why Choose Us

Backed by one of the largest importers of polymer in the world, we are dedicated to our customers and  also available to showcase our expertise.

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Quick Material Sourcing Limited (QMS) is conceived to be

the most reliable of partners for Petrochemical producers and suppliers as well as to converters and distributors of petrochemical products worldwide.

QMS serves the global plastic industry one customer at a time. At QMS, we fully realize the impact on our daily life the multitude of various products and grades we deal with have.

Products & Markets

QMS has a broad portfolio of thermoplastic products that can meet the needs of the most demanding markets.


Our high-quality products meet the most varied requirements of our customers. Select a product for more information.


Thanks to our experience, we have become leaders in the most demanding markets, offering customized solutions for every situation. Select a product for more information.