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QMS sources, markets and sells resins and polymers from petrochemical manufacturers around the world. QMS avails the grades needed by our global customer base in a timely manner that renews their confidence and trust in us.

The exclusive services offered by QMS include know-how transfer about grade handling and blending. Resipol is able to offer this service because our staff are knowledgeable and thoroughly experienced and trained in the product lines they handle.

The grades QMS offers span polymers and chemicals and QMS invites you to explore its product range and chose the ones of interest to your use.

Whether in granules, powder, wax or liquid QMS products find applications ranging from the packaging of food and beverage, to school supplies, medicine, communication, transports, entertainment, housing and construction and the list goes on endlessly…

QMS staff are fully cognizant of the importance of maintaining the supply chain, and we make sure delivery is on time at every time.

Concerned focal points at customers’ end are regularly updated by QMS staff on the status of their shipments with the minutest details.

QMS staff works tirelessly to identify petrochemical manufacturers that are lowest cost producers often for commodity grades and regularly for specialty grades.

The global reach of QMS in both procurement and distribution ensures for us thorough intimate knowledge of petrochemical suppliers and end users alike.